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Living Water Irrigation & Landscape focuses on our clients’ needs and environmental desires, melding sustainability, permaculture, and aesthetic visuals to complement your lifestyle. Through experienced professional knowledge and an artistic eye, functionality unites with nature’s exquisite beauty to bring our clients a space for serenity, life, and rejuvenation.

Living Water provides a complete array of outdoor living services tailored to each site. Our wide scope of services ensures that our customers are able to rely on one professional start to finish for all aspects of outdoor consultation, design, remodel, installation, or maintenance. Clientele include private residential, ranches and ranch homes, and high-quality commercial sites.

Living Water specializes in water conservation and planning, linking proper irrigation techniques and Smart irrigation with respective plant and tree water needs, and including expertise in rainwater harvesting, greywater use, and or wetlands. We also provide excellent, skilled irrigation service, plant care, tree care, xeriscape, hardscape, lighting, and more.

We value our relationships with our clients and our community. In all our services we offer excellence and quality. Living Water serves Northern New Mexico in the Santa Fe area, together with areas such as Abiquiu, Taos, Galisteo, San Jose, Las Vegas, and Albuquerque. In addition, Owner Mark Brotton offers his consulting and design services nationwide. 

C O M P L E T E  L IS T  O F  S E R V I C E S
• Design, Installation, Maintenance, Consulting and Project Management

• Low Impact Design

• Water Planning and Management

• Permaculture, Biodiversity, Conservation, and Landscape Water Management

• Irrigation Service and Repair, Smart Irrigation, and Hydrozoning (zone design planned according to plant water needs and root depths)

• Xeriscape, Plant Care, Tree Care, and Landscape Maintenance

• Pots and Gardens

• Rainwater Harvesting, including Service and Repair done correctly, including Pumps and Connections for Irrigation, for Passive and or Active Systems. (Passive: Drainage flow directed to specific areas using gravity. May use devices such as Rain Barrels or Pumice Wicks.) (Active: Involves tanks or cisterns with pumping/active pressure.)

• Land Restoration Including Revegetation, Wetlands, Designed Drainage, and Erosion Control

• Irrigation Connections done Correctly and In-Code for All Types of Water Supply (such as City or Well Supply, Greywater, Wetlands, Blackwater Systems, and Cisterns)

• Preventative Maintenance Practices

• Specialty Maintenance Items including Expert Arborist-Trained Tree Care & Pruning Practices as well as Winter Hand Watering truly needed for Trees in our Climate to prevent stress and die-back


Other Custom, Professionally Designed Outdoor Living Space Elements Including:
• Low-voltage LED Lighting

 • Fireplaces and Fire Pits

 • Outdoor Grills and Kitchens

 • Belgard® Outdoor Elements

 • Pondless Water Features with or without Rainwater Catchment

 • Masonry Such As Flagstone, Moss Rock, Patios, Terracing, Pavers, and Permeable Pavers

 • GrassPave2, GravelPave2, RainXchange, and More

Living Water’s Goals on Any Project Include:
• Excellence and Quality in Materials, Labor, and Service

• Return on Investment by being Site-specific, Seeking maximum efficiency, and Saving money by saving water through proper design & installation

• Lowest Total Cost of Ownership by providing work that is done right the first time by cross-trained owners and employees

• Sites are left clean and neat on a daily basis

• Work is guaranteed to meet your complete satisfaction