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Light Brings Life - Las Campanas, Santa Fe, NM

Lighting adds a different level of beauty to the landscape. It accents our favorite trees and casts artistic shadows. If well designed, landscape lighting can accent architectural features, plants and trees, ponds or water features, all while remaining "dark-sky" friendly. Light transforms an appealing space to an alluring space.

Every dark area we illuminate makes for one less place for a potential thief or animal predator to hide. With just a bit of light we illuminate the space. Specific areas that become safer with light are pathways, steps and driveways. It’s also great to see pets outside and keep them safe from snakes or other predators. In one recent design, we started with driveway safety and function – it made certain our clients wouldn’t bump boulders or walls as they pulled in and out of the driveway. We installed fixtures for safety and security walking along pathways and the steps leading to the house. Finally, I designed the entry area with fixtures to provide safety and security, and at the same time used them to create an idyllic setting with soft light accenting their water feature.

Please view the gallery below to see before and after photos of our featured project.