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Design by Mark G. Brotton, QWEL, CIC, CLIA, ARCSA-AP, EPA WaterSense Partner, is available for all listed services for any size Site or System. Challenging items in any project or design are part of what we love to work with, giving you a sanctuary where we know you will be renewed and rejuvenated. Designs are full service and can be provided on the spectrum from sketch to full-color CAD. New designs, additions, and or remodels by Living Water will flow with and enhance your existing features. Mark is also available to evaluate, enrich, and or complete existing designs. Mark collaborates with the home owner or manager, as well as any designer, architects, or specifiers, to make the right plan for the site.

 Site specific design considers:
• Planned maintenance levels that will be needed, at the design phase

• Design elements and scope consider both your outdoor lifestyle and your preferred budget

• Microclimates around the home including angles of the sun

• Site placement of plants with regard to correctly locating plant types and with thoughtfulness to incorporating both Views and Screening

• Site placement of desired sitting areas

• Using native and drought tolerant plants, including flowering and evergreen

• Irrigation correctly planned and designed for Hydrazoning (zones planned according to plant water needs and root depths), proper coverage and distribution, and best use of Smart technology. Timer settings are planned in combination with Hydrazoning and in accordance with root zone depths, reaching the roots with water but not adding too much water just to have it sink farther below the root areas.

• Accounting for Drainage Flow and Rain Collection Potential is always considered and addressed, every time. Rain Collection Potential can include passive (drainage flow directed to specific areas) and or active (tanks or cisterns with a pumping system).

• Quality from beginning to end

At Living Water one of our mantras is “Right plant, Right placement, Right watering plan.” It is our goal to save water, a precious and finite resource. Within this goal, we do not believe in Zeroscaping. Plants are an infinitely important part of the water cycle. Native, low water grass and other plants and trees transpire water and cool the environment. We believe it is a much healthier choice for our environment to incorporate low water use plants than to use too much gravel which adds significant heat.