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Living Water delivers reliable, expertly skilled, tailor-made maintenance for each property, with detailed attention to owner preferences. Landscape Maintenance in the Southwest expands upon the idea that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. We adjust to your needs and requests in all areas including number of services, timing of services, desired specifics and or extent of maintenance, creating plans based on budget, and more. Our responsive office is also available to take your notes for any given maintenance service visit.

Every property has its own fingerprint, its own feel and shape. And every New Mexico landscape does have year-round monthly items that need tending. Whether we are on your property year-round, or for specific seasons or items, we take care of timely details for each month of the year we are there, in order to keep your property thriving. Please take a look at our Summary of Maintenance Services and our Monthly Maintenance chart below.

S U M M A R Y   O F   M A I N T E N A N C E   S E R V I C E S:
• Spring & Fall Cleanups, Available With Mulching
• Skilled Plant & Property Care, Including Knowledge Of Water Needs Based On Plant Type &
  Location (Addressing Plant Water Needs To Adjust Watering As Low As Possible While Keeping
  Each Plant In Health With No Water Stress)
• Integrated Pest Management, Based On Seeking The Root Of The Problem,
  Which Is Often Water-Related, And Avoiding Chemicals Whenever Possible
• Irrigation Startup & Winterization
• Irrigation Consistent Attention & Checkups (Adjust Timer Monthly (Or More),
  Check & Clean Filter(S), Lines & Emitters, Watching For Leaks, Clogs, Or
  External Damage From Animals Or Weather)
• Cistern/Water Harvesting System Evaluations And Maintenance (With Or Without Irrigation)
• Pond and Water Feature Maintenance
• Low Voltage Lighting Maintenance
• Hardscape Maintenance
• Light/Typical Pruning & Trimming For A Clean But Natural Feel
• Flower & Shrub Deadheading
• Spring & Fall Fertilizing
• Trimming, Mowing, Weeding
• Drainage Routing, Passive Water Harvesting, & Maintenance
• Maintenance Of Root Area Water Wells For Plant Root Systems and Soil Care
• Trash & Debris Clean-Up
• Planting And Additional Upkeep Of Pots & Container Plantings
• Christmas/Winter Pots
• Fertilize Aspens, Fruit Trees And Specimen Trees With Our Proprietary Liquid Health
  & Growth Mix, Monthly As Appropriate, And Give Them Extra Water As Needed
  (And If Desired, Keep Select Aspen Suckers And Care For Their Growth)
• Tree Issues/Diagnosis/Care
• Proper Pruning Techniques And Timing To Prevent Stress
• Expert Pruning For: Rejuvenation, Shaping, Deadwood Elimination, Thinning, & Lifting
  (Site-Based Maximum Height May Apply)
• Winter Hand Watering Of Tree Root Systems When Natural Precipitation Levels Are Too Low,
  To Prevent Stress And Die-Back When The Growing Season Returns
• Snow Services

M O N T H L Y   M A I N T E N A N C E